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  The Craft Way  

The 5 Principles of Craft

Exceptional marketing takes hard work. There are no short cuts, if you find yourself taking short cuts, then your work is not Craft Level.



Come to compete everyday. Compete for your partners, with yourself, with competitors, with your colleagues, compete to create…. compete too
be great!  


Be an active participant in our communities. We work in Technology, but people still matter.  We’re all we got – We’re all we need. 


Craft Cares is about altruistic giving. Our hope is to become the most social and environmentally impactful digital agency
in Canada.


Always collaborate with team and partners on every detail. Commitment to Collaboration is the essence of great digital marketing.

Tell me more

Can you relate to these thoughts...

Made to feel “stupid” by digital partners

not efficient


There's another way

Hired too many digital employees

Confused about what is really working online

Minimal training or transparency from your staff or agencies

Lack of ROAS  / average performance

What We Do

Results Based Custom Digital Marketing 

What we do is consistently make great digital marketing. Whether it's attribution, data collection, creative or awareness. Our platform partnerships, proprietary algorithms, and custom marketing approach will drive unmatched results for your business. 

Here is the thing though…every digital firm makes this statement, don’t they?  So why is Craft Media any better than the rest? 

SEO Process

Web Analysis, Traffic Increase 

Reporting, Keyword Content Matching, Content Development, SEO Problem Identification 

Online Advertising

DSP Agnostic, Amazon Marketing Services, You Tube, Search Engine Marketing, Display Programmatic, Mobile Programmatic, Online Retargeting 

Online Marketing

Influencer Marketing, Reviews,
Ad Serving, Google Stack, A/B Testing, Ecommerce Management, Landing Page Development, Affiliate, Data Management Platform, Tagging, Data Collection, Email Marketing, Attribution Modeling 

PR, Events, Sales

PR Marketing, Marketing Stunts, PR Concepting, PR Amplification, Direct Sales, Video Directing, Video Filming, Video Production 

Social Commerce

Organic Social, Paid Social, Social Media Publishing, Facebook and IG, Pinterest, WEChat, Viber, Social Reporting Tools, Social Media, Auditing, Twitter 

Broadcast Advertising

Connected TV, Programmatic Audio, Podcasts, Digital Out-of-Home

Creative Services

Creative Concepting, Copy writing, HTML5 Design, HTML5 Production, Creative Production, Branding, Video Editing 

But Why?


Why We Do It

People Make Great Digital Campaigns

Our Why is People – Craft Media is deeply involved in the tech business, but to achieve Craftsman level work, it will always come back to the people involved, more than the technology tools involved.

Transparency requires people, Giving back requires people, Trust requires people, Teaching requires people, Hard Work requires people, Strategy requires people, Game-Changing Ideas require people, Optimizations require people, Creative requires people, Intuition requires people.

Let us show you how an investment in People, will transform and take your digital marketing to new heights.

Wait! there's more


Our Goal is to be the most Socially and Environmentally Conscious Digital Advertising Firm in North America.
10% of all Craft revenues will be gifted to social and environmental causes that make a real altruistic difference in our communities and world. 

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We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the platform that empowers the future generation of creators to be successful online.

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The Digital Marketing space is daunting. Too many firms like Craft use that to their advantage in this space. We take a complex space and make it easy to understand, so you can get back to running your Business. 


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